Ammonia-Free Hair Dye


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Benefits of ammonia-free hair dye

Hydrated for longer
Ammonia can strip the hair of natural oils and proteins, so by using hair dye with no ammonia, you can color your hair in a way that will help lock in moisture. To ensure you’re achieving optimal vibrancy and shine, check out our Anti-Bleed Spray.

Goodbye Itchiness & Pain
Beautiful and vivid hair doesn’t have to be painful. When there is ammonia in hair dye it can cause irritation to the scalp which feels like a burning sensation. By choosing ammonia-free hair color, you can enjoy the process without any pain!

Safe for Hair
When applying color we want the process to be as gentle on your hair as possible. Our formulas help to protect the hair's integrity because healthy hair, stays vibrant for longer.

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does ammonia-free hair dye damage hair?

We're glad to say that ammonia-free hair color does not damage your hair as the cuticle of your hair is not compromised. Our hair color products use a conditioning formula which will protect the cuticle, leaving your hair damage-free. Ammonia-free hair dye locks in moisture, so with more hydration comes healthier hair!

By not using ammonia in our range, we guarantee that you will experience minimal damage to your hair throughout the coloring process.