Pink Hair: The Latest Lockdown Trend


pink hair: the latest lockdown trend

From Madonna to Anne-Marie, if lockdown has taught us's time to go pink! There's never been a better time to try something new with your hair at home or in the salon. Plus, with Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Color you can ease your way into the pink life!


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In the Crazy Color range we’ve got a of pink shade to suit all styles, from our pretty pastel pink Candy Floss to our standout Rebel UV.


Check out our shades here:


Candy Floss



Rebel UV




Fancy a trip to the pink side for the weekend?

If you're looking for a quick fix pink then we've got you covered!

Our Pastel Spray in Marshmallow is perfect for blondes who want a quick, fun change with the peace of mind knowing you'll be back to your natural color by your Zoom call on Monday morning! 


How to apply: Wear gloves to apply as product may stain the hands. For best results apply to clean towel dried or dry hair. Comb through for an even distribution. Blow dry in to preferred style to lock in color.


So what shade of pink will you pick this lockdown?


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