Pretty Pastels



Pastel hair color is always a summer hit and looks great - particularly on blondes, and pastel tones are a playful way to update your look for any festival and Ibiza holiday! Colour visionaries, Crazy Color® have launched their latest innovation, a new line of strawberry scented sprays, which and are available in four beautiful pastel shades.


The beauty of the new Crazy Color® Pastel Sprays is they spray straight onto the hair and wash straight back out again, meaning you can easily achieve sought-after pastel hues without having to go permanent.  You can change your hair color as often as you change your outfit! 

Simply spray a Crazy Color® Pastel Spray on to hair and blow-dry it in to lock in the color. By fully saturating the section more color will be absorbed into the hair, whereas if you softly spray you will create more of a subtle blush tone, which is great for creating on-trend pastel balayage and gradient hair for a fun feel!


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