Top Tips for Afro, Textured & Curly Hair


When working with a gorgeous mane of afro, textured or curly tresses, condition and keeping those coils safe, is of prime importance. 


We caught up with our Global Brand Ambassador, Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, and Mikey Ferrer Jr, Sponsored Stylist based in the US, to get their top tips for keeping curls and texture in the best condition, whilst still being free to experiment with all things color!


condition is key

Sophia says, "One of the biggest fears I have come across when working with textured hair is concern from the client about condition, even though they are dying their hair to try something fun. 


What I love about Crazy Color is you only need to lift the hair one or two shades to get something completely different. A deep cyclamen, a rich purple or a fiery red, needs very little bleach for a really powerful result.


Condition is really key when working on textured hair and so one of the best things about Crazy Color is that it creates absolutely no damage whatsoever, and if anything only adds to the condition! 


My recommendation is to do the lightening process only once and then enjoy a variety of Crazy Color shades over the top over 12 months. Lighten once, then have fun a million times."

damage free gray coverage

Mikey says, "Crazy Color doesn't always have to be crazy, they have two shades of black; Natural Black (a brown based black) and Black (a blue based black) which are perfect for gray coverage!"


Crazy Color is a perfect way to cover grays with absolutely no damage. Our highly conditioning and hydrating formulation ensures that your hair is well looked after during the process.

Our formula is packed with hair loving ingredients:


🌻 Sunflower Seed Oil: Easily penetrates deep into the shaft of the hair giving increased hydration.

💜 Raspberry Seed Oil: The ellagic acid in raspberry oil makes it effective at absorbing both UV-B and UV-C rays, which helps fight color fade.

🥑 Avocado Oil: Minerals found in avocado oil can help seal cuticle cells, which can prevent hair from breaking. 



Sophia says, "vivid color is going to make a big impact in SS21 for one major reason, home bleaching is a little less popular with afro and textured as the hair type is more fragile, which means that over the Spring/Summer period we will see an explosion of color from our natural textured clients!"



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