Cruelty-Free Hair Dye




Why use Vegan-friendly hair dye?

For The Animals!
First of all it’s really simple, we love animals. That’s why our products are created using cruelty-free ingredients, without any testing on animals. There are lots of ways we can ethically produce and test our products without harming animals and we’re committed to that.

Natural Ingredients
In addition to caring about the animals, another benefit of using vegan-friendly hair dye is that they contain natural ingredients. This means that you will cause less overall damage to your hair during the coloring process. Our full range is packed with natural ingredients to help nourish and hydrate your hair!


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Made in the UK
Every single bottle of Crazy Color is produced and made in the UK, which gives you the confidence in our high-quality product. By UK law, we ensure that we do not test on animals for beauty products.

Our Ethical Production and Testing Process
We work with talented professional hair stylists around the world to test and perfect our formula. Our team of ambassadors helps us test our products on wigs, extensions, and sometimes on an adventurous client. Our cruelty-free hair color products come straight from our experienced scientists in the lab who vigorously test each and every batch that goes out, making sure you're able to achieve the best possible results with our products!